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A reliable partner in Angola
for the Oil&Gas Sector
Chemical solutions
for all Angolan industry
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Our Company

Imporquímica Angola Chemicals is a leading raw materials and speciality chemicals distribution firm based in Luanda. We are primarily focused on the Oil&Gas Sector where we market Products and Services on behalf of top-tier U.S., European and Asian manufacturers.

In addition to Oil&Gas, Angola Chemicals is also active in the, Health, Food, Construction, Metal Mechanic Industry, Automotive, Plastic, Detergent, Painting, Textile and Paper Industries.

Positioned to meet your requirements we have our Customer Services & Sales Teams in place to support your business needs. We offer full support from our base in Luanda, as well as area Sales support from our team operating across the country having a local Sensitivity with a Global Perspective. Angola Chemicals is a trademark of Imporquímica Chemical Group

Our Location

Road do Zango/Viana, Pólo Industrial Tubogás Armazéns 35 e 36 Município de Viana, Luanda - Angola (near Viana Park)